As a result of considerable contemplation, thought and planning the SWell ( Steering Committee has embarked on the exciting project of establishing the

Centre for Spirituality, Wellbeing and Health.

The Centre is non-denominational, non-aligned to any religion or religious practice and makes a clear distinction between being spiritual and religious expression.

The Centre will focus on an evidence-based approach to enhance the quality of life of Australians by focusing on ways to integrate a spiritual dimension in life. Understanding the unique Australian cultural characteristics and indigenous approaches to spirituality will be explored.

This initiative reflects global interest in the scientific study of Spirituality in leading Universities including Columbia and Duke.

Research and academic studies have concluded that a capacity to have a spiritual dimension in one’s life is innate and people live a better quality of life if the ‘Spiritual Switch” is turned on.

Central to the focus is to provide better health comes that focus on prevention to deliver long term benefits and lower health costs.

Research, Education, Training, Resource Creation and Pedagogical Frameworks will be undertaken and delivered to provide enhanced health outcomes for more Australians.

Initial funding for incorporation has been provided by Habitat Uniting Church who have determined that we need new expressions of Spirituality in the 21st Century. This expands their already significant investment in the SWell Centre, a community-based Centre that facilitates access to a variety of Spiritually aware practitioners.